Important new information for Grant Applicants:

The Saïd Foundation has a long term commitment to supporting the needs of children and young people with disabilities in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan, and the needs of those communities and local organisations that help to provide them with opportunities for learning and for high quality care.

The current crisis affecting the people of Syria is causing immense suffering for children and families living as refugees or as internally displaced within Syria. The Trustees of the Saïd Foundation have decided to make the provision of help for Syrian children in Jordan and Lebanon, and the host communities that support them, the top priority of our grant making Child Development Programme for the foreseeable future.

The Foundation welcomes contact with local organisations that share its objectives. We regret that we are unable to consider grants for projects with wider objectives at the present time. Trustees regularly review the Foundation's priorities.

The Foundation welcomes new proposal applications however the humanitarian crisis in Syria has resulted in our resources being heavily committed to existing partners and projects. Before submitting a grant application we recommend that you contact us for the most up to date information about our funding priorities.


Application process


First Stage Application Form

All applicants must complete the Foundation’s first stage application form. The application, along with a copy of the organisation’s most recent accounts, a copy of registration at relevant national administration (if available) and a constitutional document must be sent via email or post to the Foundation.


Full grants application form

If the project is eligible for consideration, the Foundation will ask the applicant to submit a full grant application form. This form is not available on this website and will be provided by the Foundation.



Several times a year the Foundation assesses all new applications. The Foundation may visit the project before making a decision. The application is then reviewed by the Projects Committee which may award a grant to the successful applicant.



Applicants will be notified of the outcome after the Project's Committee's deliberation.


Am I eligible to apply?

If your organisation is interested in partnering with the Saïd Foundation, answering these simple questions will help you find out if you are eligible.

Is your organisation based in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine or the UK?

Are the beneficiaries of your project primarily citizens/residents of Syria?

Is your project related to either Education or Disability?

Are the majority of beneficiaries of the project children aged 0-18?

Congratulations, it looks like you are eligible for a grant.
Sorry but you are not eligible for a Saïd Foundation grant.


Download forms

To begin the application process choose forms from this download list.

Our Partners in the Field

Partners in the Field

The Saïd Foundation achieves its goals by working with partner organisations in our priority countries. To find out more view our Partners in the field.