If your organisation is interested in partnering with the Saïd Foundation, we advise you to do the Quick Eligibility Check. If the initial check shows that your organisation/project is eligible then please read through our FAQ page for more detailed information on eligibility and funding criteria before you consider submitting an application for funding.

Applicants who fall within our funding criteria are welcome to submit an application for funding and should follow the guidelines set out below. 


First Stage Application Form


  1. All applicants must complete the Foundation’s First Stage Application Form  which is available from the Foundation’s website.  Unfortunately not all organisations are able to view this format properly.  If you have any problem downloading the form please email us at: programmes@saidfoundation.org or contact the Foundation’s office.
  2. You need to include supporting documents with the First Stage Application, these are: 1) a copy of your organisation’s most recent Accounts, 2) a copy of your organisation's registration document at relevant national administration (if available), and 3) your constitutional document. Please note that we will be able to review applications only when all the documents are received.
  3. A completed First Stage Application Form with supporting documents should be sent to the Programmes Officer at the Foundation’s office in London.  The Form can be sent by email to programmes@saidfoundation.org or by post to the Foundation’s address.
  4. Once a project application is received the Foundation will email the applicant organisation and confirm the receipt of their application. It will then make an initial assessment to see whether the project is eligible for consideration. If the project (but not necessarily the organisation) does not fall within the Foundation’s criteria, a letter will be sent explaining why. If approved, the Foundation will ask the submitting organisation to complete a full grant application form including a detailed list of activities and a clear budget.

The Grant Application Form is not available on the website and will be sent to partners if their First Stage Application has been approved.

Grant Application Form

Assessment of the full application form:

Several times a year the Foundation assesses all new project applications against the Foundation’s funding criteria.  Particular attention is given to the relevance and quality of the project and the organisation’s capacity to meet the project’s aims.  A careful check is made of the budget to see if it is realistic, accurate and cost-effective.  If the organisation has never been visited by the Foundation, the CEO or another representative will visit the project before it can be considered.  If a representative of the Foundation has visited the organisation in the past, information from that visit will be used, or a second visit may need to be made.  The Foundation may also contact the organisation for further information, and reserves the right to seek additional information during the assessment process, either from the organisation itself or from third parties.

If any of the above is not clear or should you need any advice or further information please contact us.