In order to be considered for a scholarship, candidates must upload THREE references to their application form. Applications will not be considered without references.

Who can be a referee?

It is important to select your referees carefully as they will be considered during the assessment of your scholarship application. You are required to provide a reference from the following:

1.    An academic referee – must be an academic who has taught you and can comment in detail on your academic ability.

2.    A professional referee – eg a current or recent employer. If you do not have any work experience then you must provide a second academic reference.

3.    A voluntary or extra-curricular referee – from an individual who can comment on your voluntary or community service, or on your talent in areas such as sport, music, drama etc.

Referees must be known to you and they must not be relatives, friends or colleagues. 

Guidance for referees

All references must be written in English, signed by the referee and provided on official headed paper where possible. Referees must also provide their contact details in their reference. If you are selected for a scholarship the Foundation will contact your referee to verify the information they have provided.

You should only provide references that are for your Saïd Foundation scholarship application. References which have been written for other purposes will not be accepted.


Please download the Saïd Foundation Guidance Notes for Referees and give a copy to each of your referees.