The Child Development Programme enables community-based organisations in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan to develop and deliver good quality and sustainable care services for disabled children and education in areas of greatest need. Support is provided by financial grants of one to three years duration.

The Programme's aim is to help improve the lives of the most disadvantaged children (aged 0-18) in our target countries. Since its establishment in 1993, the Programme has funded over 250 projects and helped many thousands of children and their families in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan.

In making grants, the Foundation responds to applications but also actively searches for organisations with which to work. Over the years, we have built up enduring partnerships with many organisations.

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Rehabilitation of Syrian refugee children and young people with disabilities in Lebanon

Mousawat has launched a mobile unit to respond to the urgent medical needs of Syrian refugees with disabilities in the most remote areas of Lebanon. The clinic provides medical assessment, assistive aids and parental awareness sessions to the most vulnerable children and young people with disabilities, and their families.

Special and Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities in Za’atari

The Holy Land Institute for the Deaf is working with a group of specialist Jordanian charitable organisations (the Network) to provide rehabilitation and education for children with disabilities and their families in Za’atari camp. With the support of the Foundation, the Network’s experts are offering screening, diagnosis, special education classes, assistive devices, speech therapy, and parental support.

Helping Syrian children affected by conflict

The Foundation is supporting Christian Aid to implement a programme that provides educational and psychosocial support for Syrian children in Lebanon – specifically targeting Syrian communities in Tripoli, Bekaa, Jnah and Beirut.  The programme is being delivered through Christian Aid’s trusted and experienced local partner Mouvement Social, which has 40 years of experience working in the education field in Lebanon’s poorer and more isolated communities.

Supporting the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf

The collaboration between the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf (HLID) and Saïd Foundation started in 1993 and has always been a much valued one. The Foundation has provided funding for several HLID projects, among which:

Talented student incubator

The Foundation started a partnership with Al-Nayzak to provide talented yet disadvantaged students from East Jerusalem with a three-year programme of intensive and interactive scientific and technological courses.

A total of 200 children aged 9 to 13 will benefit from the project, the goal of which is to invest in the academic achievement and potential of talented young Palestinian scientists. Activities will complement the students’ education and compensate the deficiencies in school curriculum and resources.

Audiology services in Wehdat refugee camp

With the Foundation's support Wehdat-CBR improved and expanded its Audiology Unit and set up an audiology workshop for manufacturing ear-moulds and the maintenance of hearing aids. Such services were lacking not only within Wehdat camp but also in the wider area of South Amman, forcing people to opt for private providers located elsewhere. 

Rehabilitation, reintegration and psychological intervention for children with disabilities

This three-year project aimed at re-integrating children with disabilities into the community by enhancing their physical, educational and vocational abilities and their self-reliance. The project offered the following services to 150 children with disabilities aged 6-18 and their families:

Holistic rehabilitation for children with disabilities

The Foundation supported the Palestinian Happy Child Centre's rehabilitation programme by providing educational materials and equipment, including FM system/hearing aids, educational toys and DVDs, books, as well as a monitoring camera for educational and documentation purposes and a laptop.

The Foundation’s donation also contributed towards awareness-raising workshops and training sessions. The programme activities benefited over 2,000 children with disabilities aged 1-18, and 900 mothers in addition to 120 caregivers, schoolteachers and counselors. 

Empowering children in Rwaished

The Saïd Foundation funded the Community Centres Association (CCA) to implement an empowerment project for children at risk of dropping out of school in Rwaished district, in north east Jordan. This remote area, close to the border with Iraq, suffers from a very high rate of illiteracy and is considered one of the most impoverished regions in the country.

More than 150 children aged 9 to 18 were supported with their scholastic performance and provided with English and Mathematics remedial classes, as well as empowerment workshops.

Community based rehabilitation in Al Khaldiyyah

With the support of the Foundation, Al Khaldiyyah Association for Special Education upgraded and enhanced its community based rehabilitation programme, in order to provide better quality services to over 150 beneficiaries and to include more children from its waiting list. The Foundation also helped Al Khaldiyyah Association with training for its team and the recruitment of a part-time general practitioner.

Rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy in Jenin

The Foundation helped the Al Jaleel Charitable Society to improve the quality of services provided to children with cerebral palsy and their families in Jenin refugee camp and Jenin district.

Al Jaleel provides rehabilitation services to 450 children with disabilities including physiotherapy, functional therapy, psychosocial therapy, speech therapy and special education.

The centre also delivers awareness raising workshops to the wider community.

Therapeutic intervention in the Habilitation preschool of Mar Elias camp

The Habilitation Preschool provides special education and habilitation for children with multiple disabilities and learning difficulties. Its main objective is to prepare the children and their families for future integration in society. The preschool is situated in Mar Elias Palestinian Camp in Beirut and its services cover the near suburbs. Donors to the Preschool’s overall programmes include Welfare Association, Norwegian People’s Aid, Save the Children (Sweden), and the Jerusalem Fund.

Training and capacity building for young people in Sidon

The project’s overall objective is to empower and include disadvantaged Palestinian and Lebanese youth through vocational training, job-counselling and awareness rising. Beneficiaries come from three of the poorest areas in Sidon: Ein El Helweh and Mieh wa Mieh Palestinian refugee camps, and Sidon old town.

Education and Rehabilitation in Beddawi and Nahr El Bared camps

This project seeks to improve the quality of life of children with disabilities by promoting their self-reliance and social integration. This is achieved through the provision of educational and rehabilitation support, complemented by awareness and advocacy activities.

The project targets 205 children and young people with varied disabilities in Naher El Bared and Beddawi refugee camps in North Lebanon. In addition to education and rehabilitation services, psychological support is offered to parents and children where needed.  Children are offered:

Opportunities to vulnerable children in Sidon

The project provides educational, training and employment opportunities to vulnerable children and adolescents living in poverty in Sidon, especially in the Villat and Taameer areas, in addition to the old city. The project aims at empowering children by improving their economic opportunities and creating a safe environment in which to express their feelings, concerns and dreams.

School support for children in the Palestinian gatherings of South Lebanon

This project aims to improve the scholastic performance and to enhance the educational opportunities of 250 children and young people from nine gatherings of Qasimieh area in South Lebanon. Project activities include remedial lessons, computer training, English language lessons and other supplementary activities including first aid training and health education, sports and leisure events.

The activities are held at the Future Youth and Children’s Centre in Qasmiyeh, and PARD provides transport assistance to children to and from the centre.

Support for Children with Learning Disabilities in Bourj El Barajneh

Implemented over three years, this project provides educational and psychosocial support for children with learning disabilities and their families in Bourj Al Barajneh Palestinain refugee camp, Beirut. With this project, W.H.O. aims at improving the educational performance and the coping mechanisms of children with learning disabilities and their parents, as well as providing awareness and understanding of learning disabilities within the community.