Syria is currently undergoing a period of serious internal conflict and insecurity which is resulting in tragic losses to families and communities, the movement of a large volume of the population to neighbouring countries and internal displacement.

The Saïd Foundation is supporting non-political partner organisations to provide urgently needed emergency relief assistance to Syrian children and their families in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, as well as to the host communities that are providing them with shelter. Since 2011, the Foundation has committed over £10m in emergency aid including emergency shelters, medical care and education.

To find out about the work of the Saïd Foundation for Development in Syria, view the Syria Disability Programme.

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Primary education for Syrian children in the Beqaa Valley

A two storey primary school has been constructed in Dalhamieh which is a small village in the Beqaa Valley, Lebanon, where there are many thousands of Syrians living in informal settlements without any access to education.  The school is comprised of ten classrooms, one library, one computer lab and a playground.

The school is run by the Saïd Foundation’s partner Najda Now with support from Jusoor.

The Treatment of war wounded civilians

The Saïd Foundation is currently supporting the Marist Brothers to provide medical treatment to civilians with injuries who do not have the means to seek medical attention in private hospitals.

The most seriously injured are taken to the Saint Louis Hospital in Aleppo where they are treated.  Its doctors and surgeons offer their services for free. The team includes one thoracic surgeon, one neuro-surgeon, two orthopaedic surgeons and three general surgeons. 

Scholarships for Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon

Months of late night studying have paid off for Alaa, a Syrian student who is part of the UNHCR refugee scholarship programme, after she achieved the highest grade in her faculty at a local Jordanian university.

In 2014 the Saïd Foundation committed over US $1.8m to the UN Refugee Agency to fund scholarships for 100 Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. The Trustees of the Said Foundation have decided to extend this commitment to over $3.7m.

Emergency relief, food and medical assistance for Syrians displaced by the conflict

Our partner the Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation and IOCC have assisted 18,795 displaced Syrians with food parcels containing essentials like rice, sugar, wheat and beans to supplement their daily diet plus medicine, clothes and fuel for heating. 

Support to Schools in Idlib, Syria

With the help of the Saïd Foundation, three schools in Idlib have been fully refurbished. Each school has 12 class rooms for hundreds of children who were each given bags containing stationery and notebooks when they started school.   The Saïd Foundation’s partner, Syria Relief initially planned to provide primary education for 900 pupils but this target has been exceeded with 970 children registering on the first day of term. 

Essential training for Syrian doctors and paramedics

The Saïd Foundation has supported a number of training workshops for 195 Syrian doctors and paramedics on working in conflict zones. The training was delivered by our partner Syria Relief at the Bab Al Hawa hospital, focusing on the essential skills required for rescuing injured civilians and how to carry out emergency treatment in a conflict zone.

Workshops were also undertaken by paramedics on the precautions that must be taken in the event of chemical exposure. 

Bab Al Hawa Hospital Support

The Foundation supports the salaries and training of medical personnel and the running costs of a hospital in Syria located close to the Turkish border.

Established by Syria Relief, the Union of Syrian Medical Relief Organisations and other international charities, and run by Syrian medical professionals, the hospital treats approximately 3,500 patients each month.  It also provides medicines, medical consumables and specialist training for medical personnel working in other hospitals in north Syria. 

North Regional Hospital

The Foundation is supporting US-registered charity Syria Relief and Development (SRD) to operate a full-service hospital in the area of Aleppo. The hospital includes a full range of surgical operating and outpatient facilities, and is the only fully equipped hospital in the area, serving a population of 100,000.  The hospital provides advanced medical care and highly specialised medical services by trained and licence medical personnel.

In addition to the hospital, SRD medical staff are also providing emergency services in a facility located in Aleppo city centre.

Ghiath Matar School - Urfa, Turkey

A large number of Syrian children in Turkey are living outside camps and lack the language skills to integrate successfully into local schools.

The Foundation is supporting the Ghiath Matar School, located in Urfa, to provide around 350 children from displaced Syrian families between grades 7 to 12 with free of charge schooling by covering teachers’ salaries, educational materials and other running costs.  Seventeen Syrian teachers are working at the school following the approved SNC curriculum and additionally sports, music and social activities are arranged for the children. 

Schools for internally displaced children in Idlib Governorate

The Saïd Foundation has funded the International Rescue Committee to establish two Safe Healing and Learning Spaces (SHLS) in Idlib Governorate (Northern Syria) that provide primary education to children affected by the conflict.

The Schools offer learning and recreational activities to around 700 children (grades one to seven) from six camps in the area, including lessons in Arabic, maths, science, English and Islamic studies. Special needs support is also offered for children with physical, intellectual and learning disabilities.


Provision of medical assistance

The Foundation supported the International Rescue Committee to provide medicines, medical equipment and emergency medical training for Syrians most affected by the crisis during 2012-13.

Medical clinic and outreach service

An outpatient based primary Medical Clinic & Health Outreach service for 2,700 displaced people was established by Syria Relief (a UK registered charity) with the support of the Foundation during 2012-13.

Back to School campaign in Lebanon

The Foundation continued its support for the work of the UNHCR in Lebanon in 2012 by funding the “Back to School Campaign”, targeting Syrian refugee children of school age and vulnerable members of the host population in the Bekaa region of Lebanon.

Support to Syrian Refugees Fleeing Violence

Soon after the crisis began in Spring 2011, refugees began fleeing the violence in Syria by crossing into Lebanon.

Emergency Shelters for Syrian Refugees at Za’atari Camp in Jordan

Za’atari Camp is the largest camp accommodating Syrian refugees in Jordan. Tens of thousands of Syrians, the great majority of them women and children, are living in tents in the harsh conditions of a highly exposed desert area. Winter temperatures are below freezing.  

The Foundation has provided 500 portable caravans as shelter for over 2,500 of the most vulnerable refugees during 2012-13. When the crisis is over, we intend that these caravans should be donated to families returning to Syria whose homes have been damaged, to help them as they start to rebuild their lives.